20210928 CnC Meeting Minutes

St Mary’s First Nation

150 Cliffe Street, Fredericton, NB E3A 0A1

  1. (506) 458-9511 T.F. (888) 445-6644

September 30, 2021


Chief and Council Meeting, September 28, 2021, Motions & Minutes

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Sakom, followed by an open discussion and a review of the agenda. Issues at hand were as follows: September 30 holiday events, ongoing relationship building with the City of Fredericton, Revenue Sharing Agreement updates, EMO Updates on COVID-19 Policy deployment, drug policy development, and community rights and responsibilities.

The following motions were made during the session:

  • Motion 1: To adopt the COVID-19 policy presented by SMFN EMO, with amendments made by HR (Sections 2A, 5A, 7A to have their dates changed to September 29; 6B to be reworded to clarify symptoms which are inexplicable; removal of 8A, 8I) Motion Passed.
  • Motion 2: To distribute Thanksgiving Hampers to band members. Motion Passed.

Summary of Open Discussions:

Call from chief and councillors to address the ongoing demand for action on the drug file. Sakom notes if he could wish it away, he would, but there’s an ever-growing need for more help on that front from all sides. This includes getting the community involved where possible. Around half a million dollars are being spent annually to fund Apatawsuwikuwam and we continue to invest tens of thousands into people going into rehabilitation programs. Call for action in the coming days.

City of Fredericton will be permanently raising the WNNB flag at City Hall on the 30th. September 30th will have an virtual event for community members and others who wish to view it via livestream. There will also be a plaque placement at CHSMES in commemoration of the day.

City official is pushing for the band to revisit the sanitary trunk replacement procedure, as well as pushing files for economic development. Land needed for future developments; sanitary trunk deal would assist with that as well as an increase in housing locations available.

EMO presented information on SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19/Coronavirus) test kits, demonstrated rapid test usage; allowed members of Chief and Council to partake in a test to illustrate how the non-invasive methods work. These tests are for individuals who decline to provide proof of vaccination to the EMO or HR under the new policy. Results are to be kept confidential, but a positive result will result in the individual being sent home pending a PCR test from the province to confirm. The EMO proceeded to read aloud the entire pending COVID-19 policy; council suggested amendments as noted in the motions.

A discussion was held around the efficacy and the continuation of the overnight gating of the community. Concerns around people skirting the gates by driving around them or taking off-road routes into the community. This was noted and is to be raised as an issue in a future council meeting, preferably the following week.


Chief and Council remain committed to keep our community safe and healthy. Community members are encouraged to report any illicit activity to the appropriate authorities.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to contact band administration or a member of Chief and Council at the band office by calling +1 (506) 458-9511 or toll-free at +1 (888) 445-6644 during regular business hours.