2022-09-27 Tobacco BCR

Notice of Tobacco Sales BCR


On September 27, 2022, during a duly convened session, Sitansisk Chief and Council passed a Band Council Resolution (BCR) regarding the sale of tobacco products on communal lands. The core of the BCR reads as follows[1]:

“Now therefore be it resolve that, the Chief and Council of Sitansisk, henceforth shall establish its own rules and regulations concerning the sale and distribution of tobacco and tobacco products within its traditional territory as a manner of ensuring the health and safety of its residents.

Let it further be resolved that, Chief and Council of Sitansisk, and/or its band-owned entities, shall be the sole distributor, seller, or otherwise of tobacco products within its traditional territory and any other individual, registered band members, company, corporation, or otherwise shall be prevented from doing the same.”

The intent of this BCR is to ensure the financial stability of band-owned operations which serve to sell and distribute tobacco and tobacco products on communal lands. This is a crucial step to ensuring the long-term viability of a unified distribution network of tobacco and tobacco products within the community in the coming months, pending the dissolution of the provincial Tax Revenue Sharing Agreement (TRSA) in January of 2023.

St. Mary’s Retail Sales will continue to provide high-quality tobacco products to the community and its customer base regardless of the status of the TRSA. Members will continue to receive tax-free merchandise at communal stores and shops[2], as is established in section 87 of the Indian Act. The dissolution of the TRSA only affects the provincial portion of the HST collected by band-owned operations which is currently shared between the provincial and band governments.

[1] A full copy of the text of the Band Council Resolution is viewable below.

[2] As well as goods delivered to the community through a registered courier from domestic vendors located outside of the community. For more information, visit: www.stmarysfirstnation.com/section87