Chief and Council Meeting Minutes and Summary, October 26, 2021

St Mary’s First Nation

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October 19, 2021


Chief and Council Meeting Minutes and Summary, October 26, 2021

Chief and Council held a meeting at Maqiyahtimok on October 26, 2021. The agenda covered a variety of topics, including adjustments to the employee policies for security workers and their use of Cannabis (Permitting off-duty use, as this continues to cause issues with recruitment of new personnel), a hiring process for an Athletics director, cannabis dispensary signage and enforcement, housing selection, HR Policy adjustments to increase the potential pool of candidates for any given position, land purchase agreements for river access near Eqpahak, Christmas break for band entities as well as a number of personal requests from members for Chief and Council to review.


Motions Made:

  • Motion 1: To conduct a blind draw for the two units currently available on the grounds these units remain empty and as an emergency measure to allocate homes while the housing policy continues to be drafted. Motion Passed.
  • Motion 2: To accept the total of $1000 as a Christmas royalty distribution to the community, less any advancements. Motion Passed.
  • Motion 3: To release Christmas royalties on dates agreed by council. Motion Passed.
  • Motion 4: To accept the short-term amendment to the hiring policy for band-owned entities, as proposed by HR (Effective October 6, 2021 to June 22, 2022.) Motion Passed.
  • Motion 5: To sign a BCR to offer a service contract for up to three months to Sandra Polchies to act as a membership assistant (Part-time basis, Tuesdays 5-8 and Fridays 9-1), as presented in a briefing note from HR. Motion Passed.





Discussion was held around ongoing need for a housing policy, with two drafted concepts being presented to Chief and Council. Noted as not being viable to be rolled out in the coming days, so a motion was made for an emergency allocation of the currently available units (See: Motion 1). Long-term goals for housing include the development and construction of a seniors’ home, youth centre and an apartment complex. Discussions around all of these are ongoing, with budget constraints being the hindrance on immediate rollout.

The RCMP has experienced some staffing changes and there are concerns from some members that they will begin targeting on-reserve dispensaries. This has led to some discussions around the need to tone down the signage on reserve, but this will need to be discussed in length with dispensary owners. Comprehensive cannabis policy to be devised, perhaps using Kahnawake’s policy as a baseline.

Language class was discussed as an issue; some pushback on the COVID-19 policy implemented by HR, so they’ve been temporarily relocated to an area with no contact outside of the class and a private entrance. This will allow the classes to continue as planned, albeit in a different location. Unsure what to do with the language program space at the new building for the time being, considered for use as a youth centre until the situation changes.

Adjustments to how indigenous youth are processed in the Justice system rose as a topic; with requests to evaluate funding for a program that operates adjacent to the services rendered by Legal Aid. This would provide legal assistance to individuals who need it. Previously raised as an idea, but never developed fully; WNNB is now looking into it alongside the Department of Justice.


Chief and Council remain committed to keep our community safe and healthy. Community members are encouraged to report any illicit activity to the appropriate authorities.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to contact band administration or a member of Chief and Council at the band office by calling +1 (506) 458-9511 or toll-free at +1 (888) 445-6644 during regular business hours.