Christmas Distribution Information

The Band Council motioned that the Christmas distribution for 2020 will be $1000 per registered band member.

Seniors and Elders (Age 60+) cheques will be distributed at the annual Christmas Dinner which will be held on Tuesday December 1, 2020 at the St. Mary’s Community Center at 12 noon.

Band Member distributions will be given out on Wednesday December 2, 2020 at the St. Mary’s Community Center starting 9am to 8pm.

Direct deposits will be deposited and available for December 2, 2020.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any new direct deposits for distributions going outside of Canada. The deadline for new direct deposit registrations, for those living in Canada, is Tuesday November 24, 2020. Please provide your banking information to Ashley McCoy:

1-506-458-9511 or email

Mail outs will happen on November 24, 2020.