Community Security and Partnership Updates

Sitansisk Chief and Council has enlisted services from Garda Security, a security and risk management organization with experience in assisting Indigenous communities. These partners will collaborate with St. Mary’s Security, St. Mary’s Emergency Measures Operations, and Fredericton City Police to increase capacity for monitoring of areas of concern and restricting access to the community for individuals of concern.

Security gates will be returning starting tomorrow, August 25, with all gates being secured starting 10 p.m. and reopening at 6 a.m. During this time, only residents, guests, emergency and health personnel and deliveries with delivery manifests will be permitted to enter through the entrances at Paul Street and Howe Street. During the daytime (6 a.m. to 10 p.m.), all gates will be open but monitored by a member of the security team who will monitor for the presence of individuals on the undesirable list and persons of interest.

Community members have expressed some concern around individuals seeking illicit substances bypassing gates. With the added human resources brought by Garda, a member of security will now be stationed at and monitoring every pedestrian pathway, trailhead, and unmarked entrance. Additionally, cameras placed throughout the community will be actively monitored 24/7 by a member of the security team to assist in identifying and recording illicit activity for follow-up.

We ask citizens remain patient with our security personnel as they assist us in continuing to root out the drug distribution network in our community and thank you for your assistance in the development of an ideal strategy during this critical period. This strategy will remain adaptive and will be updated on an ongoing basis to prioritize the elimination of the illicit drug trade in the community.


Woliwon for your cooperation and continued patience,

Sitansisk Band Administration, Chief and Council.


Also available as a PDF Here: 20230824 Notice Security Gates