COVID Update, December 2, 2021; 4 New Cases, No New Recoveries


(St Mary’s First Nation)

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December 2, 2021


COVID Update, December 2, 2021; 4 New Cases, No New Recoveries

          December 2, 2021; 4:11 p.m., Sitansisk: New Brunswick Public Health has informed Sitansisk Band Administration of no new recoveries and four new active cases of COVID-19 in the community. One of these active cases is a close contact of an existing case and three are not; these have not deemed community spread by Public Health at present as contact tracing is still underway. At present, there are 9 Active Cases, 24 Recovered for a total of 33 cases. Public Health will continue to provide updates to the band this week and monitor the situation.


Public Health asks people answer calls from private numbers as this is how calls will appear for the purposes of contact tracing and reporting test results to patients. Public Health is also monitoring for cases in out-of-community members. PCR tests can be booked via the Health Centre by appointment.


We thank all who have sought testing and continue to request anyone with COVID-19 symptoms to isolate and seek testing. For advice on how to isolate, what resources exist to help with isolation, and to book a test, visit, calling the Health Centre at +1 (506) 452-2750 or call 811. Members are urged to use best practices for the time being, including limiting contacts, getting vaccinated and avoiding large gatherings and events, particularly indoors. Do your best to assist others during these times, we’re all looking forward to COVID-free holidays. Addictions and mental health personnel are available any time at +1 (506) 688-3721. Rapid testing kits remain available at the Health Centre or by calling Security at +1 (506) 447-8721.




Sitansisk Chief and Council