COVID Update, December 21, 2021; 0 New Cases, 2 New Recoveries


(St Mary’s First Nation)

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December 21, 2021


COVID Update, December 21, 2021; 0 New Cases, 2 New Recoveries


December 21, 2021; 4:09 p.m., Sitansisk: New Brunswick Public Health has informed Sitansisk Band Administration of no new cases of COVID-19 and two new recoveries, with one still in hospital from the community. As of today, there are 5 Active Cases and 43 Recovered with a total of 48 cases. (There was an error in reporting, the current total is 48 cases, not 49 as indicated yesterday.)


The Health Centre will be closing for the Holidays starting December 23, 2021; if you need to arrange a PCR test, please leave a message at +1 (506) 452-2750. New isolation requirements mean anyone unvaccinated and sharing a home with a positive case of COVID-19 will need to isolate for 14 days, vaccinated individuals will need to isolate for at least five days, pending a negative PCR test. Please do your best to keep yourself and your community safe in the coming days, as we all look forward to a COVID-free holiday season.


Public Health asks people answer calls from private numbers as this is how calls will appear for the purposes of contact tracing and reporting test results to patients. PCR tests can be booked via the Health Centre. They also request members continue to take all precautions, both in and out of the community as cases are rising in the region, with 118 cases reported by the province during their last update. Addictions and mental health personnel remain available at +1 (506) 688-3721. Rapid testing kits can be delivered in the community by calling Security at +1 (506) 447-8721.


Sitansisk Chief and Council