Sitansisk EMO is Developing a Community Safety Plan

Sitansisk EMO is developing a Community Safety Plan (CSP) as part of the Aboriginal Community Safety Plan Initiative.

This is a 4-5 month project and is tentatively scheduled to conclude in December.

The CSP will cover the entire community and all of its operation,s including Occupational Safety, Health, Mental Wellness, Emergency Response, and more.

Input from the community is crucial to this process, and members are encouraged to speak with a CSP Member or Kirk Hannah of Sitansisk EMO to discuss further. (Call the band office at 506-458-9511 to contact Kirk or leave a message.)

There are 22 members on the planning committee, representing everything from Piley Awt (Child and Family) to Retail Sales.

Sitansisk EMO’s current plan is to unveil a photo/video collage at the annual St. Mary’s Day event on October 2, 2022 at Maqiyahtimok.

All members are encouraged to share images and illustrations which mean something to them with Kirk Hannah.