Elder Dr. Imelda Perley in Residence of Chief Harold Sappier Elementary School (CHSMES)

We are honoured to announce that Dr. Imelda Perley will be the Elder in Residence of Chief Harold Sappier Elementary School (CHSMES) this fall 2020. She is well known and is a respected Elder in our community, guiding us as we walk our path.  She is committed to ensuring that our children receive the cultural support to nourish our language through a culturally affirming school environment. She wants to bring awareness to our teachings, incorporate cultural knowledge for students and staff in ceremony, and develop an Elder in training program to ensure a future for our language and culture.


We want to take this opportunity to share that Allison Brooks will not be returning this fall, and to acknowledge the work and dedication he brought to our children. We wish you all the best your future endeavors, and we are honoured that our children have a great role model in their lives these past 11 years. In his place we happily welcome Matthew Seymour as acting principal of CHSMES. Mr. Seymour, as you may know him, has been working at the school for the past 10 years. He is committed to ensuring all students learn to their maximum potential and working closely with the team to ensure our culture and language is not only implemented but immersive.


Another change that we are excited to announce is that Judy Fullarton will now be working as the Senior Management Administer. Judy will also be the contact person for any Human Resource issues at the school. This is to ensure that our community has a contact point to share to when they have a concern or suggestion for any school related item.