JEDI Offering Two Hayes Farm Holistic Farm Business Bursaries


Hayes Farm Holistic Farm Business Planner Course

JEDI is pleased to offer two bursaries valued at $500 each for the Hayes Farm Holistic Farm Business Planner Course.

The course is designed to refine your farm vision and provide sharper focus for your future farm operations, while making sure to include the various activities in your life that bring you joy. This course will teach participants how to create an individualized business plan, but WILL NOT teach growing skills.

Upon successful completion of the 35-hour course, participants will have created an individual, realistic, profitable, and fulfilling farm plan.

This program runs from Sept 9 to Nov 21, 2021.
To qualify, you must be an Indigenous person living in New Brunswick and have applied to the Hayes Farm program.

To apply for this bursary, you must complete the Hayes Farm HFBP application form in full in addition to the JEDI bursary application. Both applications must be submitted together to

For complete details on the program, visit the Hayes Farm website.

Please direct any questions to