Request for Proposals – Video Production Services Provider for the Joint Economic Development Initiative’s (JEDI)

Availalble as a Word Document Here: ISTAR Trailer Launch Video Request for Proposal

Request for Proposals


Video Production Services Provider for the Joint Economic Development Initiative’s (JEDI)

Indigenous Skilled Trades Readiness Project (ISTAR)

Three Trades Orientation Mobile Unit


Project Goal


The goal of the ISTAR project is to assist Indigenous participants to become well-positioned for employment in the Skilled Trades sector. JEDI is requesting proposals for video production services related to the ISTAR Three Trades mobile unit trailer launch event.


JEDI Background


JEDI is an Indigenous not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting Indigenous participation in New Brunswick’s economy. JEDI began in 1995 as a tripartite partnership between Indigenous communities in New Brunswick, the Government of Canada and the Government of New Brunswick. Since then, JEDI has worked closely with its partners from Indigenous communities, organizations, government and the private sector to foster Indigenous economic and workforce development in New Brunswick.


JEDI focuses its work on the support of Indigenous:


  • Entrepreneurship and business development.
  • Community economic development.
  • Workforce development.
  • Partnerships with the public and private sectors.





Project Name


ISTAR Project Three Trades Program Trailer Launch Videography.



Proposal Objective


JEDI’s ISTAR project seeks to open doors for Indigenous peoples in New Brunswick to access careers in the Skilled Trades sector. A major component of ISTAR is JEDI’s Three Trades mobile unit trailer that is designed to take the Three Trades experience directly to communities.


JEDI requires an experienced proponent to provide videography production and post-production services for the mobile unit trailer launch event on May 31, 2023 with completion of all deliverables by June 15, 2023.


Description of Activities and Deliverables to be undertaken


  1. Shooting of main video (approximately 3 hours of shooting) on trailer launch day to include:
  • A tour of the trailer’s exterior and interior.
  • Profiles of each trades station within the trailer.
  • Video clip of the interactive map.


  1. B-roll shooting of the launch event and activities.


  • Post-production services to include:
  • Video voice over activities (approximately 1 hour of work).
  • Final product of one 3-4 minute YouTube video and one teaser clip of 1 minute (or less) for social media.


This project is supported by Employment and Social Development Canada.




The project will begin in May 2023 to be completed in June 2023 as outlined in the proposed timelines below.


Item Start Completion
Meet with JEDI to finalize concepts and expectations May 15, 2023 May 15, 2023
Trailer launch event videography May 31, 2023


May 31, 2023


Post-production activities June 1, 2023 June 14, 2023
Completion of all deliverables June 15, 2023






Qualifications of Consultant


Proposals will be considered from proponents who have demonstrated experience in similar videography delivery services.




JEDI staff and partners will be involved in the project. JEDI will be the main contact and coordinator for this project.


Project Cost and Budget


Proponents must provide a comprehensive quote for this project, itemizing all components of the project in a detailed budget.


Evaluation of the Proposals


Proposals will be evaluated according to the following point system:


Relevant Videography and Concept Design Experience 75 points
Budget 25 points


Proposal Due Date


Proposals are due by 5:00 p.m. AST on May 5, 2023. Late proposals will not be accepted.


Please submit proposals to:

Joint Economic Development Initiative

Attention: Janis Flemming

150 Cliffe Street, Box 11

Fredericton, NB E3A 0A1


Consultants requiring further information about the project should contact Heather Pert, Communications Manager:







  1. Proposals will become the property of JEDI. All proposals will be considered in strictest confidence.
  2. JEDI reserves the right to cancel, amend, or change the RFP in the event that a suitable proposal is not received.
  3. The successful proponent will not issue any announcements or news releases concerning the

Request for Proposal, the Proposal, or the Contract without the express written consent of JEDI and its partners.