Update Regarding COVID-19 Policy

During a duly convened session of Chief and Council on September 28, 2021, a new COVID-19 policy was adopted for use in all band-operated buildings. As part of this policy, a mandate was introduced for testing of employees (and individuals regularly conducting business inside); individuals who provide proof of vaccination are exempt from this testing. Individuals who repeatedly decline testing will be denied entry into band-operated buildings until further notice. We continue to welcome citizens and employees to utilize our spaces provided they agree to these public health measures.

The tests being used are point-of-care/rapid test kits. These tests involve a non-invasive swabbing of the end of nostrils and can be self-administered. These tests are provided to employees at no cost and all results are to be kept confidential.

This policy was made under the advisement of our health workers, public health officers from multiple levels of governance and SMFN Emergency Measures Operations. Our community has one of the highest vaccination rates in Turtle Island and has managed to avoid having a positive COVID-19 test among any members at this time.

This policy is an effort to maintain that success. The overwhelming majority of staff have agreed to testing or have provided proof of vaccination, with testing proving effective at preventing the potential spread of COVID-19 in at least one facility.

Chief and Council remain committed to maintaining the health and safety of our nation. The next Chief and Council meeting will be held on October 19, 2021. If citizens have input on the above issues or any other concerns, please contact a member of Chief and Council or Band Administration by calling the band office or via their listed contact information on the community website.